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About me

Hello! 👋 Smile is an independent, one-man design studio based in Vilnius, Lithuania. My passion (I know this word is a bit banal but it describes the feeling that I feel pretty well) for design started about 4+ years ago while I was studying in university. Then I told to myself “I’ll gonna work in design for the rest of my life”. So yes, I’m fully dedicated for this craft and I’m truly happy about it!

Why should you choose to work with me? 🤔 Because I’m young, working fast, always research based, full of vibrant colors (not always) & long term focused. That’s why.

Arnoldas Kurpeikis

Founder & designer

What I do

Logo design

Or full brand identity!

UI/UX design

App & web design!

Other design



Let’s improve your brand!

Now push that button below & check out some shots of projects I did! 👇